Wondering what exactly MakNet is?   We’re Carolina’s Maker Network, so our goal is to create a network of makers, people interested in making, well, anything!  We bring together people interested in art, philosophy, computer science, biomedical engineering, and pretty much any major here at UNC, and connect them with the resources needed to imagine, design, and create.  Do you need a 3D printer to build a robotic hand? We can help with that!  Need some soldering tools to build a cool electronic thing? We can help with that!  Interested in learning about Arduino? We can help with that!  MakNet was created to support BeAM (Be A Maker), the makerspace network here at UNC Chapel Hill.

There are a number of “makerspaces” on campus open to students and faculty.  MakNet can help connect you with these creator spaces to get you the tools and assistance you need to build whatever you want.  UNC’s current makerspaces include the KSL Makerspace and the Hanes Makerspace.  For more information, visit our makerspaces page.

Already have an idea for a project?  That’s great!  If not, MakNet has a number of projects that need many volunteers.  Check out our current projects on our project page!

Don’t forget to subscribe to our listserv (maknetunc)! Just follow this link, enter your email address, and hit subscribe.  We also have a Facebook page!  Follow us on Twitter too, @MakNetUNC.